Vision therapy assessments


Vision therapy

Vision therapy (VT), provides the individual with the opportunity to use their vision in the most efficient

manner. When the visual system works more efficiently, more visual information can be received,

processed and comprehended.

Vision therapy can be used for simple eye problems such as inefficient focusing or focusing speed,
difficulties in eye alignment as well as for more complex problems such as amblyopic (lazy eyes)
or other binocular problems. It can be helpful for difficulties in literacy, following along a line of print (tracking), 

poor hand-eye coordination and visual spatial difficulties.

The visual problems can often be addressed where there are also other conditions including people on the autistic spectrum, DCD, Dyslexia and as well as visual difficulties associated with traumatic brain injury and stroke survivors.

Students who have good visual abilities read faster with less effort, understand more of what they read and retain the information longer. Athletes who use their vision effectively see things more quickly, evaluate relative position more accurately, tire less and demonstrate enhanced overall performance.

When there are problems with visual perception and visual information processing, an individual will achieve their potential through the benefits of Vision Therapy, in which he/she learns good body bilaterality, eye-hand co-ordination, form perception, directionality and visualisation.


Vision therapy is individually programmed for the specific needs of each patient. The basic and universally necessary abilities are included in all programmes. Other activities are programmed to meet specific needs of individuals.

The success depends primarily on the individual and, in the case of a child, his/her parents. The prescribed amount of time must be spent and a conscientious effort made to perform the therapy activities as instructed.

We are aware of how difficult this can be, and would be more than happy to discuss any problems that crop up so that we can help to make the therapy as effective as possible. We can even provide computerised therapy programmes if necessary. Please feel free to ring us and we will always call back if we are in a clinic.

Some equipment is needed for vision therapy and this will be supplied as needed. 


Our results

At Paul Adler Optometrists, we think our results are good. We would wouldn't we? Nevertheless, we are delighted that the procedures and results of some of our treatments have been accepted for publication in the scientific literature. If you would like the full reference or a copy of the research, please contact us.