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At Paul Adler Optometrist, we sometimes have undergraduate optometry students and qualified colleagues observing us in our clinics and have been actively engaged in research.


Our staff have taught at the University of Hertfordshire, Cardiff University, Aston University, Institute of Optometry, Anglia Ruskin University, City University, British Association of Behavioural Optometrists and Heidelberg Academy.




Brief details of papers published appear below.


At the moment we are working on a project to assess the focussing power and eye teaming of children.  The work is being done in collaboration with Bradford University. We expect the results to be available soon.


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A general article describing the Opening Eyes programme of Special Olympics.


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Paediatrics Educational Video. (2006) Department of Optometric Continuing Education and Training (DOCET), London 

The practice was used as a location and Paul Adler was involved in the planning and production and appeared in this educational DVD which was sent to all optometrists in the UK. The DVD was designed to teach optometrists how to undertake eye examinations on children and babies.


October 2015: Lifetime honorary membership BABO

Sept 2014: Alexander-Skeffington award for contribution to International  Behavioural Optometry.

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