What do we do for children?

What ages do we see?

We are happy to see children of all ages. We've got plenty of books and toys to keep younger patients entertained while they're waiting for appointments, and all of our practitioners have experience testing toddlers and young children.


Can I accompany my child?

Absolutely. Even though all our staff are DBS checked, we prefer all children to be accompanied - especially very young children. If you need us to see a child alone, you are welcome to listen at the door and come in without knocking, and if staff are available we're happy to provide a chaperone.



We cater for all shapes and sizes and have a great range of frames for babies, toddlers, teenagers and young at heart older people. We also have specialist frames to cater for those with disabilities and patients with flatter noses.


Can children wear contact lenses?

Yes.  Recent research suggests that even very young children can wear lenses successfully. We can fit lenses for most children, but we will not do so against their will unless there is a significant medical reason why they need to wear contact lenses. 


Swimming goggles 

We stock prescription swimming goggles to enable you to see when in the pool (or getting there and back from the changing rooms). We have them for mums and dads too!


Do you treat eye muscle problems and lazy eyes?

Yes.  We have optometrists with a special interest in this area and dedicated vision therapists.

See our page on vision therapy.


Can you check for colour-blindness in children?

Yes. Even those children who do not know their numbers can be checked using a special children's version of the colour vision test.


Do you do coloured overlays and filters?

We do coloured overlays and filters for all ages. For more info click here.


Do you see children with learning difficulties?

Of course. We are fully committed to offering a full service to all our patients, whatever their needs. If your child has complex needs, it can be helpful to let us know in advance so we can make sure that we know how best to meet them. For more information about accessibility, please click here.


What if my child can't read?

No problem. We have special pictures and matching tests.  We will make the eye examination seem like a game and as fun as we can.


What if my child is non-verbal?

No need to worry - we can still examine a non-verbal child using special tests and images. 


What if my child doesn't cooperate?

Some children are anxious at first, particularly if they've never had their eyes tested before - we're used to it! We'll always do as much as we can on the first visit, but we'd always rather ask patients to come back again to finish off rather than rush their eye test.


Will my wheelchair fit?

Yes. The front door and all the doors downstairs will accommodate wheelchairs, walking frames,

Tri-rollers and Rollators.