Frames and lenses


It's important to find a pair of glasses that you feel comfortable wearing and that will give you the best possible vision. Our experienced dispensing opticians and optical advisors are on hand to help you choose the frames and lenses you'll need for optimum comfort, style and vision. 



At Paul Adler Optometrists, we stock a range of spectacle frames to suit all faces, styles, ages, and budgets. We're particularly proud of our frames for younger patients. We also stock sunglasses, safety glasses, sports glasses, swimming goggles, and specialist frames for younger children and children with Downs' syndrome. 



Whether it's a pair of reading glasses for work or varifocals that you'll wear all day, it's the lenses that will be the most important part of any pair of spectacles. We'll make sure we find the lenses that will give you the clearest vision and the greatest flexibility. We can dispense specialist lenses designed to support patients who struggle with photo-sensitivity, computer use, driving at night, and complex prescriptions.  There are lenses to help with tired eyes after computer use, switching for contact lenses to spectacles more comfortably and there are even lenses to make night driving  easier  as well as special tints and coatings to reduce fatigue and glare.